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Who Is Spud Davenport ??


Southern Californian Singer/Songwriter Spud Davenport plays a few instruments. Piano, guitar, and a whole alotta Drums to name a few. And he also has a few things to say.


As a Wise Man once commented, “Spud puts a happy face on bad times.”


From storytelling: Time Bomb Mom, You’d Love Me Now (If You Knew Me Then) to twisted love songs: Car Wreck, She Gets Loud, Spud sings, moans, and screams his tales of woe and WHOA for your enjoyment.


Spud also enjoys a songwriting partnership with buddy Charlie Recksieck in the irreverent fun rock band, Leaders In The Clubhouse.


If the concept of a long-haired Randy Newman fronting a Rock Band from behind the drums sounds interesting to you, take a listen to Spud.

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"Under the moniker Leaders in the Clubhouse, Recksieck and Davenport released Won in 2015. While I was unaware that there was even a competition, let's get these gentlemen a damn trophy; damn quick. Won has sincerely won. Not because Leaders in the Clubhouse are the self-proclaimed winners, but because in ten tracks LitC have made more meaningful music than Taylor Swift and Beyonce have ever created; combined."

- Greg Shaw, Nanobot Rock

"Should you expect to see Leaders In The Clubhouse accepting a Grammy next year? Probably not, but don't hold that against them, hold it against the Grammys. It's an album that demands you listen not merely hear, and worth your while to do so."

- Kath Galasso, OnStage Magazine

"Dear Spud, I downloaded your cd Green from iTunes this morning and it's great. Great songs, great melodies, great harmonies. You can be proud of this thing.”                               

- Joey Harris, Beat Farmers, The Mentals

“Great stuff... (he's) kind of a Randy Newman for the younger set. Re: Song ‘Senseless Act of Kindness’.. Superb songwriting and I mean this sincerely. I wish I had written it myself! Bravo! This one is radio play ready.”

-  DragStripRiot review

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