Making Music That Puts a Happy Face on Bad Times

Who Is Spud Davenport ??


Southern Californian Singer/Songwriter Spud Davenport plays a few instruments. Piano, guitar, and a whole alotta Drums to name a few. And he also has a few things to say.


As a Wise Man once commented, “Spud puts a happy face on bad times.”


From storytelling: Time Bomb Mom, You’d Love Me Now (If You Knew Me Then) to twisted love songs: Car Wreck, She Gets Loud, Spud sings, moans, and screams his tales of woe and WHOA for your enjoyment.


Spud also enjoys a songwriting partnership with buddy Charlie Recksieck in the irreverent fun rock band, Leaders In The Clubhouse.


If the concept of a long-haired Randy Newman fronting a Rock Band from behind the drums sounds interesting to you, take a listen to Spud.

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"Oddly wonderful.”     - Logan at Spiderhands Productions / review of Songs For The Cynical

"My favourite song on the album (Songs For The Cynical) is ‘Enjoy Every Sandwich’. It balances the energy in a perfect way so its stays a garage rock song, but with rock-pop influences. The lyrics are really well written and the production is of great quality!."

- Will Lisil, Indie Rock News

"Dear Spud, I downloaded your cd Green from iTunes this morning and it's great. Great songs, great melodies, great harmonies. You can be proud of this thing.”                               

- Joey Harris, Beat Farmers, The Mentals

“Great stuff... (he's) kind of a Randy Newman for the younger set. Re: Song ‘Senseless Act of Kindness’.. Superb songwriting and I mean this sincerely. I wish I had written it myself! Bravo! This one is radio play ready.”

-  DragStripRiot review

"It’s no secret. I’m totally smitten with this album (Songs For The Cynical). Putting a happy face on sad times is a noble cause, and the execution is dear and beautiful." 

- Moataz Gwaily, Rock Era Magazine review

RE: Songs For The Cynical:  "He is an impressive tunesmith, through his use of counter melodies and harmonies, to the length of the tunes (most in the three-minute-plus range) and varied rhythms, you can tell Davenport put a lot of work into this album and it yields plenty of rewards."

- Bart Mendoza / San Diego Troubadour magazine

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