This is where I hide the interesting stuff. “Hidden” because it is not MAINSTREAM Music and these tracks are not for everyone. They were created for Film & TV use, as Theme Songs, backing tracks, Trailers, or Ending-Credits. With a little luck, maybe one of these puppies will make it to the Big Time and you can say you “knew her when”…

If you wish to discuss placements for any of these recordings, please EMAIL SPUD directly.


Come Inside!   This TV Show Theme is inviting you to Come Inside the program. Rock; Drums & Guitar; Vocals. Time: 1:01

Angry Piano   TV Drama Theme Song or…? Energetic, Fusion/Rock; Piano & Drums; Instrumental. Time: 1:31

Workday Revelry    TV Show Theme Song co-written with Charlie Recksieck. With Trombone (thx Eric Murray) and Trumpet (ditto Moises Ortiz) plus Piano, Drums, & Banjo. Instrumental. Time:  1:21 

Punchclock Parade   Yet another “TV Show Theme Song” …with Trombone! Piano & Drums; Light-hearted, Instrumental. Time: 1:07

Museland    Drama or Trailer Music. Hard Rock / Almost Electronic; Guitars, Drums, Anvil; Instrumental. Time: 2:35

New Morning   TV Advertisement. Apple Ad / Feist-like. Piano, minimal Drums, Marimba, Flute; Easy-going, Contemporary. Time: :48

Don’t Flip Your Lid – short bone  Short Instrumental version of song w/ lyrics, edited for mass-consumption. Big Drums, Guitar, and my first experiment with, yup, TROMBONE!  Keep yer lid on… Time:  :42 

Rundgren Lullaby  Piano piece. Pure ‘n’ simple.  Time:  1:27 

Xylophant   TV Ad music. Xylophone, Bass, electric French Horn; Trippy, man. Time: 1:21

Only One Parade    TV Ad or Theme Song. Big celebration in the street. Americana, Roots Rock. Full band; Harmonica; fun. Time: :45

PunchDrunk    Film or TV Trailer, aggressive Hard Rock instrumental. Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Effects. Time: 2:34