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Raised in the East Bay of San Francisco by tone-deaf non-musical parents, Spud Davenport was probably bitten by a radioactive spider, therefore explaining his multiple musical abilities.

Through the years, while trying to prove this theory, Spud wrote some songs and played some Drums.

Owing much to quirky artists like Warren Zevon and Tom Waits, Spud Davenport spins his tales of woe and WHOA with his Accordion, Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Kitchen Skillets.

Sometimes sarcastic, sometimes sad, sometimes so silly, Spud sings and screams the stories of the hopeless, yet hopeful.

In March 2007, Spud released his debut album, Green, showcasing his many abilities including Producer.

Spud also played Drums and sang in The Shamey Jays, an original Hard Rock / Blues / Garage band in San Diego.

The Shamey Jays’ album, “Your Pretty Packages”, was released in 2009 and that year was nominated for Rock Album of the Year by The San Diego Music Awards Committee.

“Currently, I am working with my songwriting buddy, Charlie Recksieck, on a new band called Leaders In The Clubhouse. We released our debut Album, Won, in June of 2015 and hope to get on the road to support it. The style is a modern-retro ’70’s vibe we call Fun Rock. Lots of early influences like ELO, Queen, 10cc, and of course, our favorite, Randy Newman.”

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Discography AKA Records I have played on,that I know of:

Won – by Leaders In The Clubhouse. Ten “fun rock” tunes released in June 2015, recorded at Andy Machin’s BigRock Studios, Escondido, CA – Available everywhere; CD and digital downloads! Full rock band production starring Charlie Recksieck on Vocals, Piano, & Keyboards and Spud on Vocals, Drums, and Kazoo. “She Gets Loud”, “These Goddamn Devices”, & “LawnChairs” are just a few of the tunes getting Radio & Internet airplay around the globe.


Green – Spud Davenport / Debut Solo Album on Spud’s own li’l Label, PuppyNoPlay Records / Spud: Drums, Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, Kitchen Skillets, & Dinner Triangle. Released in 2007 – Available at,, – Recorded at Andy Machin’s BigRock Studios, Escondido, CA –


Your Pretty Packages (LP) & Four of Your Pretty Packages (EP) – The Shamey Jays / Spud: Drums, Co-Writer/ Co-Singer – Spud songs on this one: “Panhandle Park” and “Waiting For The Tears To Fall” – on BlindSpot Records / San Diego – Released in 2009 –


Chubbed Up – The BigFellas / Spud: Guest, Background Vocals – Released in 2008 –


Earthbound – Endoxi / Spud: Guest, Background Vocals -Released independently in 2010 –


Song Placement in a Movie: Class – Orion Pictures Corp – Spud: Songwriter / Drummer / Bkg Vox on featured song, “Overnite” with band, Toymuzic – 1983 yikes – Still in Distribution. Soundtrack Record including Joan Jett, Bob Seger, Bryan Adams, and Dead Kennedys was never released.

Two Songs Placed in a Movie: Last Call at Murray’s – Independent. Leaders In The Clubhouse songs “She Gets Loud” and “These Goddamn Devices” written by Charlie Recksieck & Spud Davenport. Great movie, coming in early 2016. Check ’em out HERE.